Original pieces


String quartet  in D major op.6

Some parts of 1st movement was performed at residential training(?) for orchestra club when I was a 4th grade university student.

1st movement  Allegro

 2 2 time,  D major,  sonata form,  about 6'30'' sound source, very cheap sound  a score for 1st violin (pdf)
a score for violon cello(pdf)
2nd movement  Andantino  3 4 time,  A major,  about 6'00''    
3rd movement  Scherzo  Vivace  9 8 time,  e minor,  ternary form,  about 4'00''    

4th movement  Allegro vivace

 2 4 time  D major rondo form about 4'00''    


Serenade No.2 for wind ensamble in B flat major op.12

Serenade for 2Flutes, 2Oboes, 2Clarinets(in Bb), 2Horns(in F), 2 Bassoons, 1 Contrabassoon(or Contrabass). Thanks to my friend who conducted this piece, I and my friends could play this piece when I was in university. The first performance took place on  2004/9/16 at  Parthenon Tama by Tama wood wind ensemble 22nd regular concert.

1st movement  Andante tranquillo

 4 4 time,  B flat major,  sonata form,  about 6'00''    
2nd movement  Allegro giocoso  2 4 time,  D major,  about 3'00''    
3rd movement  Scherzo Allegro vivace  3 4 time,  d minor,  compound ternary form, about 4'30'' sound source, very cheap sound  

4th movement  Andante cantabile

 4 4 time,  A flat major,  about 4'00''    
5th movement  Furiant  Presto  3 4 time,  B flat major,  rondo form,  about 3'00'    


Serenade No.3 for string orchestra in e minor op.14

Under constructing.

1st movement  Moderato

 4 4 time,  e minor,  ternary form,  about 4'00''  sound source, very cheap sound  
2nd movement  Menuet  Allegro  3 4 time,  C major,  compound ternary form,  about 4'00''  
3rd movement  Andante Tranquillo  6 8 time,  A major,  ternary form,  about 4'30''  

4th movement  Tempo di Valse

 3 4 time,  E major,  compound ternary form,  about 5'00''



Slavic Suite for wind orchestra

Under construction.

composition of the musical instruments
Piccolo, Flutes 1st,2nd, (Oboe), (Bassoon), (Eb Clarinet), Bb Clarinets 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (Eb Alto Clarinet), Bb Bass Clarinet, Alto saxophone 1st, 2nd, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Horn in F 1st, 2nd, 3rd, (4th), Trumpet in Bb 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Trombone 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Euphonium, Tubas, (Contrabass), Timpani, Bass drum, Cymbals, Triangle, Snare drum.

Kyo-en 12 p>

 1st movement  Skocna  Allegro giocoso  2 4 time, B flat major,  about 1'00'' sound source  
 2nd movement. Sousedska  Tempo di menuet  3 4 time,  F major,  about 2'00''  
 3rd movement Furiant  Presto  3 4 time,  B flat major,  about 2'30''  


Serenade No.4 for wind octet in E flat major op.15
Under construction
 1st movement Bolero  Allegro moderato  3 4 time,  E flat major,  about 4'30''
 2nd movement Barcarolle  Andante ma non troppo  6 8 time,  B major,  about 4'00''
 3rd movement Tarantella  Tempo di tarantella  6 8 time,  c minor,  about 3'00''
 4th movement Waltz  Tempo di valse  3 4 time,  G major,  about 3'00''
 5th movement. Skocna  Allegro vivo  2 4 time,  E flat major, about 3'00''


Concerto for solo violin and orchestra in D op.16

Violin concerto I've been creating because I want to create one like Tchaikovsky's. The first part of 2nd movement was already created, but ... I don't know when 2nd movement will be completed.  I don't know if this piece is playable, because I can't play the violin. Is there anyone who will play this?

1st movement Moderato

 4 4 time,  D major,  sonata form,  about 10'00'' sound source, very cheap sound A score for solo violin (pdf)
2nd movement  3 4 time,  B major, now creating  
3rd movement Allegro vivace  2 4 time,  D major,  rondo form(?),  about 6'00'' A score for solo violin (pdf)

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